Of Counsel - David M. Brahms, Esq.

Of Counsel - David M. Brahms, Esq.

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David M. Brahms is a retired Brigadier General who served in the United States Marine Corps.

Brahms, a 1959 Harvard College graduate (B.A. Psychology), had taken a Platoon Leaders Course, while a student at Harvard Law School, and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in 1961. Brahms graduated from Harvard Law School in 1962. He completed Basic Officer training, and training in military law in 1963, and then served as a military lawyer in the 2nd Marine Division from November 1963 to June 1965, during which time he served in the Dominican Republic during an incursion there.

By 1969, he had been promoted to major and was sent to serve with the1st Marine Aircraft Wing in Da Nang, Vietnam.

In 1976 and 1977 he attended the National Law Center George Washington University, where he studied law psychiatryand criminology, and was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel.

Brahms was promoted to Brigadier General in 1985, prior to serving as Director, Judge Advocate Division, for the final three years of his active military career. In 1988 he retired from active military service.

Since his retirement from the Marine Corps, Brahms has been in private practice of law in Carlsbad California. Brahms is also on the board of directors of the Judge Advocates Association.

Brahms served as a technical consultant for the Hollywood movie A Few Good Men.

Brahms serves Of Counsel to the Law Offices of Borg & Duisters.

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