Meet Attorney Rickard L. Borg

Before you are able to make important decisions about your future, you want information about your rights and obligations. This information should be presented in a way that you can understand, and at The Law Offices of Rickard L. Borg in Carlsbad Village, our lawyer will provide you with honest and straightforward answers in plain English.

Rick Borg has lived a unique life. Born to a prominent medical family in Los Angeles, he spent his early years in Newport Harbor living an existence reminiscent of Tom Sawyer. However, Mr. Borg’s life changed dramatically on his parents’ divorce and then upon the sudden death of his father, a single parent, who failed to provide a method for his children to secure food upon his death. Because of inadequate estate planning, his family was forced to sell his father’s coin collection in order to buy groceries.

Mr. Borg later served his country in Vietnam as an Army truck driver on convoys from Oui Nhon to Plieku, known as the street without joy, and briefly as a machine gunner. With many years as a real estate and business law attorney, Mr. Borg now concentrates on assisting people with estate issues. He continues to serve as general counsel to Spinergy, a premier manufacturer of carbon fiber bicycle and wheelchair wheels.

Mr. Borg enjoys an active life that begins most days with a 40-minute ride on a bike to nowhere as he keeps his diabetes under control without medications. He will provide you with the same dedication he has employed in resolving his own issues.

When necessary, our firm partners with Brig. Gen. David Brahms (Ret.) USMC. When your divorce issue involves military issues, we consult with Gen. Brahms. He has valuable experience in these areas and is the author of many military regulations.

We are here to help your divorce or your estate planning process go as smoothly as possible. Protecting California families for over 35 years, we are ready to help you. Our Carlsbad Village law offices are open during weekly business hours, but we offer evening and weekend visits by appointment. Contact Marge, Vanessa or Rick today to schedule a consultation.


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