Carlsbad Divorce 

Do you need a Carlsbad divorce attorney? Are you afraid that the wrong divorce lawyer will turn your case into an emotional and financial quagmire? Well, there are many reasons to seek an amicable divorce attorney. Divorce courts often have a backlog of cases which can delay proceedings and increase overall costs. Resolving divorce issues out of court often makes life easier for everyone involved and can reduce costs significantly.

In a divorce trial, the judge’s rulings are final. All too often, we have seen trials where the result was unsatisfactory to both parties. Even in an uncontested divorce, there are many potential pitfalls, like hidden assets and support issues, which can derail the process without the guidance of an accomplished divorce attorney.

In resolving divorce matters, we use an accounting worksheet to enumerate the issues. This helps reduce some of the potential conflict from the process, allowing both parties to look at areas of dispute, like visitation and asset division, from a realistic perspective. We believe that facilitating a mediated agreement is the best way to prevent needless arguments which can increase the emotional and financial costs of a divorce.

Contact our Carlsbad office today to schedule a consultation with an experienced divorce lawyer who is dedicated to providing realistic and affordable solutions in your case.

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