Carlsbad Asset Division

Are you attempting to settle a divorce amicably but finding that arguments over property division are getting in the way? Do you need realistic guidance in untangling marital assets in an appropriate manner? Even in uncontested divorce filings, marital estate distribution can be a complicated issue. With the help of the right asset division divorce attorney, the process can be streamlined, minimizing the time and expense of a divorce.

In handling countless asset and property division cases, our firm has learned that this businesslike method of analyzing marital property is extremely useful in arriving at positive, amicable solutions to property division issues regarding businesses such as professional practices, real estate, investments, in addition to other assets.

Our pragmatic approach to finding equitable property settlement agreements is based on extensive experience in business and real estate litigation. In these cases, a clear enumeration of all assets and debts is fundamental.

We use a carefully crafted property division worksheet as a tool for realistically assessing each party’s position and determining what a proper settlement for the case would be.  We provide an honest accounting of assets in a worksheet format to minimize the emotional reaction involved when making property division decisions. In our experience, negotiating a proper settlement is easiest when all parties are on the same page.

Effective and Affordable Asset Division Solutions

For knowledgeable and down-to-earth advice from a Carlsbad divorce lawyer with an effective approach to settling asset division cases, contact our Carlsbad office today to schedule an initial consultation.

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