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How Should I Select My San Diego Trust Lawyer?

Legal Zoom, Denim Lawyer, Bare feet, or Glass Tower Law Firm

Legal Zoom has its place providing clients with valuable forms such as Promissory Notes and Powers of Attorney.  However, I have witnessed cases where clients selected the inappropriate Legal Zoom document, which failed to fit the situation.  The lack of valuable attorney guidance cost one particular client dearly.  Clients often forget that attorneys advice and guidance is often more valuable than mere document preparation.  This is why experienced business persons value their long term attorney relationships.

Several lawyers in San Diego advertise Estate Planning or Trust seminars.  One even promotes the fact he wears jeans.  The good message is that he wants to reach out and communicate to the public that a trust is better than joint tenancy.  This of course is true.  However, does one size fit all?  Of course not.  For one example, your trust will be no better than the trustee.  The selection of your trustee is a decision that should never be made without a full discussion with your lawyer so he drafts the document understanding the dynamics of your family.  The question of family history and qualifications should be an early discussion of anyone considering estate planning by any lawyer.

San Diego has many lawyers in firms located in glass towers.  Many have long histories of estate work.  Some specialize in specific areas like Medi-Cal and veterans benefits or high net worth clients.  For truly unusual cases and those couples with a total net worth of more than ten million special planning is appropriate.

However, many small law offices are well qualified to complete entire estate plans that include a trust for less than $2,000 circa April 2014.  We certainly do and so do many more.

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