Divorce fees in San Diego.

San Diego County Divorce Fees

It seems there is a big interest in estimating the expense of securing a divorce in San Diego, California.  The filing fee in San Diego County is currently $495 per person. Most hearings such request for orders will require a filing fee of around $60 or less. In San Diego County the facilitators office helps people for free.

Attorney retainers commonly run from $2,000 to $4,000 and far more in cases with significant assets or in crisis. More if the client or case is not creditworthy for fees if complications arise.

Hourly rates for attorneys in a divorce in San Diego run from about $200 to $500. Although oftentimes the total fee is based more on how strictly the attorney tracks the time and that of their staff. Do they bill for stamps , copies, and secretarial expenses?

In final analysis it’s hard to predict fees precisely; however, extended fighting costs attorney time and overhead. Providing your attorney with information and his or her communication with the client saves time and money.

Lawyers are prohibited from charging unreasonable fees and their fees are subject to binding arbitration in California. Most county bar associations in California provide the service free of charge to protect the public. If a client feels abused they can request arbitration even after the fee has been paid.

Contact the Law Office of Rickard Borg for more information on filing for divorce in San Diego County.

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